Download Security Antivirus Firewall plugin

Security Antivirus Firewall plugin Overview

Blogging is much hit these days and nowadays not only web developers but common people are taking a lot of interest in digital marketing. To fulfill their desires that needs Word press as a super platform for making a cool website including themes and tons of plugins. S.A.F plugin Security Antivirus Plugin is a core plugin designed to secure our website from an incoming attack of viruses and bad crawlers.

Download Security Antivirus Firewall plugin


This plugin serves as a defender for our Website and helps us to grow our marketing reach. 2000+ installs are already for this plugin This S.A.F plugin is their best and here we will discuss top features of that plugin to ease our readers.

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Security Antivirus Firewall plugin Features

  • Protection from Proxy  Protection matters a lot and proxies are abandoned fully when you install this super plugin for the site including WordPress.
  • Stop Spamming Spamming is prohibited and no one spams on your site anymore.
  • Protection from Mass Requests Mass requests overlays your website hence this plugin avoids that issue thoroughly.
  • Sanitization of input The Protection Module synchronizes all incoming and outgoing requests.
  • Integration of DNSBL The installation of this feature helps to protect our website from all malware.
  • Detection of TorTor browsers help to surf any website without others permission it also helps to stop them.
  • Detection Of Ad blocker Ad blocker can’t stop the activity of S.A.F.
  • Pattern Recognition Zero-day attacks and exploits are defended by this recognition.
  • Ban System Ban system offers all useful recommendations to make the site more secure that help from the invasion of harmful viruses and lethal exploitation.
  • Protection from crawlers and bots Sometimes crawlers from any website come to your site and can cause damage, this plugin avoids to do any misuse of your site.
  • Request Scanning Scanning is completed every time when the page is loaded and whenever a user surf your website included S.A.F plugin scanning is repeatedly done until the presence of the user.
  • Auto ban S.A.F automatically bans the harmful citations and viruses that can cause damage to your system
  • Looking IPIp conflictions damage a lot to your site hence it saves your site from all the proxy users.
  • Monitoring of errors All errors are manipulated and fixed quickly by the system that decodes the harmful coding of invaders.

Security Antivirus Firewall plugin Specification

  • Update2 months ago
  • PHP Memory Limit  256 M
  • PHP version 7.0.16
  • My SQL Version 5.7.17
  • Software WP is compatible from 4.7 to latest
  • Badges WP 4.9.2 and PHP 7
  • Pricing includes free version to Professional version that charges 99 $ for one time

Security Antivirus Firewall plugin Download

S.A.F plugin is downloadable here. Free Version is available here. Download and enjoy.

Download Security Antivirus Firewall plugin

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