Download Oxygen version 4.7.2 WordPress Theme

Oxygen version 4.7.2 WordPress Theme Overview

Oxygen is one of the top-ranked best selling E-commerce themes for online shopping. This Product is ideal for Woo Commerce as it is made for that. Oxygen is super customizable and has tons of options that you can customize it freely according to your desire. Oxygen is designed by Laboratory themes that made Aurum, Xenon and Kalium recently. Oxygen although is quite an old theme but the team update it time to time the last update did was in start of Jan 2018.

Download Oxygen version 4.7.2 WordPress Theme
Oxygen ver 4.7.2 has removed some bugs in the older version and also done many improvements in Page loading, Language file template, Product thumbnail and many more. Professional themes options panel helps to customize oxygen with ease and it looks very professional making itself an admiration for its designer team.
Now let’s overview it and see why this theme is so popular.

Download Oxygen version 4.7.2 WordPress Theme

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Oxygen version 4.7.2 WordPress Theme Features

  • Online Shopping Theme Probably the best online shopping theme designed for all vendors that struggle in selling their products.
  • Version 4.7.2 This version was released on Dec 15, 2017.
  • Difference from other versions Many updates was made when this version is released
    Lazy Loading issue resolved on loading with catalog mode and in some pages
    Language Template file is updated with latest translations to support language more efficiently.
    Product Thumbnail issue is resolved and not more time-consuming.
    E-commerce update is done including better looks with powerful software.
  • From Scratch to Pro In a short time, period Oxygen can build your site from scratch to a professional site amazingly.
  • Headers There is 5 Type of Headers giving Oxygen versatile appearance and unique touch.
  • Powerful visual designer Powerful designing ability helps Oxygen look dynamic in every aspect and enforces everyone to consider its simple but enthralling look.
  • Premium Plugins Many Premium plugins are its part of bb, buddy press, Woo Commerce and above all WP Bakery is also there which very popular plugin for e-commerce.
  • Child Theme This is a very good feature in the new update that gives you simple theme to edit your all credentials.
  • Third party plugins All 3rd party plugins can be used on oxygen without any hesitation making it more and handier.
  • Power users and beginners Oxygen is designed for everyone this shows its class and versatility.
  • 800+ Google fonts These all are helpful in giving Oxygen more striking appearance.
  • Search engine friendly Search engine optimization is considerable with oxygen to rank your product on Google’s top page.
  • Payment Method Icons Oxygen has a special feature in which all payment icons are placed to increase your sales on your sales page.
  • Try Oxygen Live Probably the best feature of oxygen, you can make your website online with this option hence making it way too simple to generate your website in no time.
  • Import and export You can move your customized designs from one site to another.
  • No bloat Oxygen can only output when you give your command it is under your control fully.
  • Page Builder Compatibility It uses Beaver builder, Elementor and Visual composer etc.

Oxygen version 4.7.2 WordPress Theme Specification

  • Compatibility All browsers are compatible with IE, Mozilla, Chrome and Safari.
  • Software Versions All word press versions are supported no Joomla or other format support this theme.
  • Widgets All third-party widgets and its own widgets are stacked properly for users.
  • Pricing 60 $ is the final price but if you want to sell your product with less struggle you can try Oxygen.
  • Creation  On 4th June 2014
  • Last Update  Recently on Jan 2018
  • Documentation Brief and simple
  • Layout Only one column with responsive simple layout

Oxygen version 4.7.2 WordPress Theme Download Free

Oxygen version 4.7.2 is available you can download from here. Thanks for reading this article.

Download Oxygen version 4.7.2 WordPress Theme

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