Download Free Education WP ver 3.1.5 WordPressTheme

Education WP ver 3.1.3WordPress Theme Overview

Education theme also called as Eduma is top trending theme made for LMS (Learning Management System). Education theme is made for education and knowledge list and the websites building from this theme are mainly educational, universities, colleges and selling different type of courses. Thimpress designed Eduma theme, they also designed top flicks like Sailing, Charity and many more. Education is rated high for Thimpress and considered the best LMS theme in the market.

Download Free Education WP ver 3.1.5 WordPressTheme
The new version of Eduma 3.1.3 released on Aug 2017 in which Eduma looks are more glossy and the interface is changed for its users and readers. Language fixes and styling appearance is seen in this version of Eduma. Many other performance upgrades are done too. Here we will discuss all pros of Eduma that why you need to buy this theme for your business plan.

Download Free Education WP ver 3.1.5 WordPressTheme

Download Education WP ver Word Press Theme

Education WP ver 3.1.3 WordPress Theme Features

  • Education based Theme The Best educational theme suited for all study courses, University and colleges based and selling courses all over the world.
  • Version 3.1.3 This version is released in August 2017 and ready to set and go.
  • New Features Eduma applies a number of things in this remarkable version.
    a) Adjust columns All the columns are upgraded by the options on the blog page to help readers.
    b) Events redirection is done by upgrading this version making easy for people to choose the event with dates.
    c) Language packages are updated fully now better than the older versions.
    d) Style packages are also remarkable than the previous styling appearances.
    e) Preloading icon in RTL mobile mode is fixed.
  • Group menus and submenusare added and style menus are fixed no more interruption there.
  • Bugs are fixed that disturb in older versions in page loading and in some layouts.
  • E-learning This system is activated when Eduma is applied to your business education site that allows you to do E-learning with this theme super easy.
  • Demo Versions Tons of Demo versions are available for Kindergarten,colleges, Universities and free courses of E-learning.
  • Post-Formats Post formats are different from other themes and have many options and different posting styles.
  • Niche Oriented Very much Niche dependent and education niche is suitable for this theme.
  • Variety of Profiles   Many Profiles like Scholar profiles, Teacher and student profiles.
  • Premium Extensions Many premium extensions like Woo Commerce, Buddy press, bb etc are available.
  • SEO Optimized  This theme is fully searching engine optimized with microdata to rank the website in top search engine searches.
  • Sidebar Generator   Sidebars are narrow and decent with dynamic appearance.
  • Drag and Drop Builder   Simple Drag and Drop Builder
  • Retina Prepared     Training options are there in this WordPresstheme version.
  • Best Education and LMS Theme Learning Management system covers schools, colleges, Universities and Training courses and this theme covers LMS.
  • Learn Press WP plugin   Learn Press is #1 plugin of LMS in Eduma theme that makes it far apart with its competitors.
  • Selling and Marketing of courses  Plugins that sort marketing of courses are available on this theme.
  • Event Management  Genuine feature of Eduma is to create a peculiar event that is created by Eduma theme makes it different and the event itself looks very impressive.
  • 5 Star Customer Service  No issue found in support it is very helpful and kind.
  • 10+ Unique Education Demos   Different Kind of Demos are available according to user’s desire.
  • 1 Click Demo Importer       Just drag and drop it don’t take much time.
  • Selling courses through Wallets   That is avery useful feature for marketing in which Paypal, Stripe and other payment options are available for selling of your product.
  • Data Portability   Data portability is a good feature you can import and export your data manually with ease.

 Education WP ver 3.1.3 WordPress Theme Specifications

  • Compatibility All browsers are compatible with IE9.10.11, Mozilla, Chrome and Safari.
  • Resolution   Ultra HD Resolution makes a mind-bogglingly impression on readers.
  • Software Versions All WordPress Formats are supported.
  • Widgets   Every Widget is ready to set and go.
  • Pricing69 $ No doubt price is high but the product demands that. That’s why Education theme’s criteria are also very high just like its price.
  • Release  22 Dec 2015
  • Update   18 Jan 2018
  • Documentation  Well written
  • Columns    4+  with many layouts

Download Free Education WP ver 3.1.3 WordPress Theme

Version 3.1.3 is downloadable here and many versions of theme are available too.

Download Free Education WP ver 3.1.5 WordPressTheme

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