Download Free Divi 3.0 WordPress Theme

Divi 3.0 WordPress Theme Review

Divi 3.0 is a portfolio based classy WordPress theme and the recent version is all set to go in 2018 masking all former bugs and upgrading the software and compatibility of the theme.
The elegant theme is the designers of the masterpiece Divi and they already created tons of Wordpress themes.Divi has one of the finest page builders for WordPress platform that were ever created. Many innovative features are attached to this theme that captivates many users to Divi theme.Divi language is based on shortcodes that become easy to make editions and customizations for the admin. The recent page builder is intuitive and classy that fulfill all requirements for a perfect blog or website. Divi theme has many variations that make it superior to any other trending themes of the market.

Download Free Divi 3.0 WordPress Theme

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Divi 3.0 WordPress Theme Features

  • Fully Responsive template and highly recommended for tablets and cell phones.
  • SEO optimized and has advanced settings that help in the ranking of your blog.
  • The clean design is very smooth and delicate.
  • The visual builder is very showy and unique in design and landing pages are awesome.
  • Multi-purpose Theme you can make different blogs on unique niches.
  • The real-time interface includes proper customization and recommended plugins that make Divi impressive.
  • Customisation options are way better and very handy everyone can apply them.
  • 46 content elements are there ready for Divi to enhance its compatibility.
  • Easy organization is available and layouts involve symmetry that divides the blog into different categories.
  • Import and export feature is impressive and saves your precious time.
  • Global elements available in footer areas and all updates are ready.
  • Ready-made Layouts helps a lot in making a website in few minutes for checking or for normal use.
  • Draggable width applies to all templates of Divi theme.
  • Drag and drop help to quickly install the theme on your device in seconds hence saving a lot of time.

Divi 3.0 WordPress Theme Specification

  • Version 3.0
  • WordPress 4.0 4.9.1 (latest)
  • Pricing 89$ per year
  • Update Jan 2018
  • Fully Documented
  • 24 hrs. Support
  • Solid Security

Download Divi 3.0 WordPress Theme

Divi 3.0 is a WordPress theme made by elegant themes and top trending theme of recent times that include all useful plugins and features required by a messy professional website. The free version is available for download by clicking the below link. Thanks for reading our review article.

Download Divi Free 3.0 WordPress Theme

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