Download Bridge Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Bridge creative Multipurpose WordPress theme with tons of customizable options and demos.

Bridge Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme Overview

So the bridge is an amazing name because it does have over 200 demos that you can import instantly and have a site looking like a demo pretty quickly. So you know that is probably the most amazing thing about the rich. And the other thing that is amazing about the demos is that they’re actually all really beautiful. So it’s not very often that you find a theme that has as many demos that you can import and ones that old look really nice so if you’re looking for a beautiful modern creative looking DMI then you really can’t go past bridge because you should be able to find one in the 200 plus styles that they have. The other thing Bridge’s got is it’s obviously got all of the ability to build your Web site out the way that you want to. So it’s got the 200 odd demise and it’s got the usual things that we’re looking for in a thanes eating change the colours that you can add with commerce or a commerce it’s got data documentation fawn’s slide is the visual compose of just the way that you can build the internal pages through a drop and drag functionality HDMI comes with all of the internal pages as well. You can have different header layouts and there are all sorts of different menu options for you.

Download Bridge Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

So you’re able to update your fonts you’re able to update your colours. You can update certain settings for the blog. The portfolio the contact page put a call to action on the bottom of the web saw it all sorts of bits and pieces that pretty much every name has which is if you’re building you know a basic Web site. This is usually enough. Now the extra layer that makes the bridge a little bit confusing for the beginning is that you have this added options of changing the individual pages. So all of the settings that were in the absurd is all the settings that were in here a lot of them are in the pages as well. So escrowed here and little things that are a bit different to some of the other things site when you’re doing you know two columns. This is the one that had this is this section here that had two columns is kind of like sorry. It’s kind of like one under each other. It’s a bit confusing because it’s meant to be left and right. So we just find it just that little bit more you know slightly less user-friendly to use. So when you import a demo and you want to change something sometimes you have to go searching is it in the options where you need to change it is it in the individual page where you need to change it. So it’s fine if you know your way around WordPress and you are happy to kind of like digging around to figure out why you need to update certain sections on the website but if you’re a beginner then I would perhaps consider something like salient which may not have all of these amazing demos that Ridge does have. But it’s a little bit simpler to use. So that’s kind of my personal opinion on the bridge

They’ve got a complete DIY course where we teach you how to use everything so if you are a bit afraid it might be a bit complicated for me. We do actually take the side. That’s not a problem. We’ve also got an option where we’ll take care of the tech for four years so will install WordPress reinstall the theme will install your demo. We’ll make sure it looks exactly like the demo that you chose. Then you can follow the lessons in the course to edit the copy edit the images and so on. You give us the images and the copy and we’ll replace it all for you and give it back to you. So there are the three options if you want to go ahead with rich and you need a help. That’s how you do it. And lastly if you’re just about to start preparing to create your bridge website we have a Web site preparation course which is that digital courses and what that’s going to help you do is help you not only choose the right theme is the bridge to the right thing so you’ll find this article quite helpful.

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Bridge Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme Features

  • 24 Unique Layouts make bridge awesome and a versatile theme for its lovers.
  • 100+ unique demos are used by designers and they suit differently with different websites.
  • Full-screen Backgrounds and parallax effect is incredible and ready to show features in the theme.
  • Free plugins included along with premium plugins.
  • Mega menu and customization options are seen in Bridge theme.
  • Masonry Grid layout is amazing and a new look always surprises the customers.
  • Documentation and supportare awesome and commendable.
  • 600 + Google fonts are ready to explicit their effects.
  • Built-in portfolio and gallery options are available in Bridge theme.

Bridge Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme Specification

  • Update July 2018
  • Release date April 2018
  • High resolution Yes
  • Widget ready
  • Browsers compatible all are fully compatible
  • Java, CSS, Php languages available
  • Multi columned
  • Responsive layout
  • Price 59 $

Download Bridge Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Download Bridge theme in the link available in the description. Thanks for supporting

Download Bridge Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme




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