Download Avada Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Download Avada Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Avada is a fully responsive multi-purpose theme of WordPress and leading the WordPress top downloading theme race.

Avada Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Overview

We think you can sum up the theme in one word and that is options. This theme is filled with tons of different options and settings that will help you get the look of the website that you want. It’s also kind of the downside of this theme is that there are so many options and settings. But let’s go ahead and take a look what we really found that I liked about the Avada theme was that it just has tons and tons and tons of settings which makes it really easy to sort of customise the look and feel of your site so it’s really unique for you. And the great thing about that is you can do all of that without using any code. And later on, we’ll show you exactly how the settings work and with the back end of the website like.

Download Avada Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

But first let’s go ahead and check out this page that we made so we can see here we’ve got this clear header bar with our menu in it as we scroll down and turns white and changes to this and we’ve got this section here which is actually a slider section and sections just has enough features in it to make it useful without leaving out too many features without having too many features that complex it does come bundled with other slider plugins which we didn’t get a chance to try but we found that the standard slider seems to work pretty well and do a lot of the things that you know you just basically need to do as you can see the slider here actually has text in it and the text is not part of the image. There are no demos overly impressed with the demos. These are professionally designed demos by professional designers so we think there’s no doubt they’re going to look good. But you know here you can see that Creator menu section here and there’s a lot of different menu options. Another example here we’ve got this menu up here you can see it’s semitransparent which is another nice feature. So there are lots of different ways you can make the menu look and make it really fit your site. Other nice features that we liked that they added was a backup for the settings because once you get in there and you start adjusting all of your settings and for my demo and my test of it I really went and we just have quite a few of the settings. It’s nice to know that you can back it up and save that so that if you make a mistake and change something by accident you can resort to your backup of the settings. It does come with several a predefined colour schemes which can play with. You can use the minus or plus to sort of change the size of these different sections which is really nice. And then we have these builder elements and we’ve got a bunch of different builder elements to give different looks and different feels to each of your sections. We’ve got text block here which is probably going to be one of the most common one used title separator and then a bunch of different other options which are really useful for designing a page without knowing any code. So as you can see it is a lot a lot of options which is really great because you can make the design that you want

So that’s just something to keep in mind. That theme also only includes six months of support when you buy it and supports really the main thing that a theme offers to make it a premium theme. So that’s a little bit of a downside they do offer some discounts on one-year chances are that if you’re really committed to building your Web site you can get it done in six months and get this you need something to keep in mind if you want that continual support. Overall we really like the Avada theme it creates so many great looks and all of it without using the code and figuring out all the settings can be a bit of a hassle, for the most part, the settings and options are really well-designed and really well thought out.

Avada Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Features

  • 1 Selling theme of all time and personally a favourite theme for all professionals.
  • Reliable customer support is a key option for all users that take a lot of interest in their website.
  • Tons of customization optionsmake Avada more impressive.
  • Demo installer is available and quite simple to use.
  • 255+ Website designs are available that help a lot in the versatility of the theme and users enjoy all functions of a premium theme in low price.
  • Avada is a top functioning theme and most importantly a business-oriented theme for all business tycoons that help to scale their business.


Avada Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Specification

  • Last update July 2018
  • Released August 2012
  • High resolution Yes
  • Widget ready
  • All Browsers are fully compatible
  • WPML,BuddyPress, Woo Commerce available
  • Columns 4 +
  • Pricing 35 $


Download Avada Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

 Download this theme by clicking on the bottom link available in the description.

Download Avada Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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